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Lithium conversion

Our exclusive lithium supplier is Victron Energy. We are an official reseller, authorized service point of Victron. For more than a decade we have been using Victron products in our projects. Not only Victron makes great individual products, but they also have product families in which all products work in harmony. Lithium iron phosphate is one of the safest chemistries in the market, given that all manufacturer instructions are followed and international safety requirements are met. We take all precautions to ensure that your battery investment will serve you for many years. However, Victron provides lots of system schematics for project designers and installer, there are always some unique cases where we need to make a unique design. Victron is always there to assist us. 


Our exclusive Watermakers supplier is Aqua-Base by SLCE. We are the exclusive distributor of Aqua-Base watermakers in Turkey. Having the ability to make your own water is awesome. You can make water for many years when you have a high quality watermaker. Watermaker is a kind of equipment which needs to be serviced regularly. If it is accessible and easily serviceable, you do it right away. But if the machine is not accessible, you simply find an excuse. By having the right machine at the right compartment on your boat, you can make water for many years by just doing periodical maintenance. Aqua-Base is represented all over the world, in almost every popular sailing area. You need a spare or service? For sure there is a dealer nearby.

Solar panel

Our exclusive solar panel supplier is SunWare. We are the official distributor of SunWare in Turkey. SunWare has been manufacturing solar panels sinde 1980's, which makes them one of the oldest manufacturers with tons of experience in their field. There are many possible locations on a boat to install solar panels. Almost all these locations have one thing in common, which is shading. Keeping the power loss at minimum when the panel is partially shaded, is what makes the huge difference between a top quality solar panel and a cheap basic one. Solar panels are always under the sun, most of the time covered with salt spray, so the environment is challenging for them. Only good ones last long. 

Alternator regulation

Our exclusive alternator regulator supplier is Wakespeed. We are the official importer of Wakespeed in Turkey. The demand for power on board is increasing every day. Almost each boat has one thing in common which is a main diesel engine and an alternator attached to it. Most of the alternators regulated by automotive type regulators. You need a sophisticated regulator to get more juice out of your alternator. On the other, an alternator regulator is always there to keep an eye on both the alternator and the batteries which increases the safety on board. 

Refitting an electric system

Unfused connections, improper wire joints, false cable sizing are most common issues with the electric infrastructure on many boats. A professionally made electric system last longer, improves safety on board and shall be adequate for possible future upgrades. Every quick fix might be the beginning of a series of events. Diagnosing even a small issue might be a nightmare if the system is not properly labelled. We ensure that you have a safe, reliable and a neat electric system.